Tuesday, June 25, 2013

With an eye to the future

In 2050 I think things will be very different. First of all people will trasport by flying cars and bikes which will also be friendlier to the ecosystem. Although a big part of our communication will remain the same, some things will change, like 3D projections.


The way we work will change completely. First of all, robots will do all the difficult tasks and they will be able to take audible orders like "go for shopping" or "make up the bed". So a big part of our lives will change because of the robots and technology. We will be able to entertain more ourselves more and do things that we like.


I think that we will also could be able to go on holidays on the moon, which will be then a new center of entertaiment. There will be big bars and hotels only, with pools and drinks, with casinos and dance clubs. WOW!

As for the politics, well, there will be only five presidents for each continent , our economy will be stronger and at the end the Earth's teperature will be normal again. See you then!