Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Links

The Visual History of Halloween

A short text with compehension questions

Video: In 1 minute 20 seconds you can turn the word bat into just that!

Photos of this celebration on The New York Times.

Test your knowledge with a quiz!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Email giving advice*

Dear Joanna,

         The reason I'm writing to you it's because is that I was thinking that you could be much healthier and in a better form just by following some simple rules.
        First of all, (comma) you shouldn't eat too much fast food, because then you are losing/ not getting a lot of vitamins which are very important for your good health.I know that this is very difficult for everyone, but that is something that you had better do.
      Also, (comma) smoking it's is something that causes many serious problems, so in order to avoid them, (comma) you should quit as soon as possible and notice that nobody likes it when you appear on and you smell bad---> when you show up smelling bad.
      Moreover, (comma) why don't you go to the gym? I think that this is a great idea and if I were you, (comma) I would bring (along) a friend with me, too. You could also buy a bicycle so that you could go every day to the university with it and cycle every morning near the beach/ coast.
      I hope that I have helped you with this advice s and I'm looking forward to your next email. We might go for walk to Psiloritis mountain someday, so you had better start exercising immediately.

Best Wishes

*Advice (and food)= uncountable noun ---> advices

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some articles for learners

You can visit this web site if you want to read some English educational articles about many different subjects:

Basic Phrasal Verbs

blow up = ανατινάζω
break down = χαλάω
break in/into = διαρρηγνύω
break out = ξεσπώ,δραπετεύω
break up = χωρίζω
bring about = προκαλώ,προξενώ
bring sb/sth along = φέρνω μαζί μου κάποιν ή κάτι
bring back = επιστρέφω κάτι σε κάποιον
bring on = προκαλώ

bring sb round = συνεφέρω
bring up (sth) = αναφέρω
bring up (sb) = αναθρέφω κάποιον
call off = ακυρώνω,ματαιώνω
check in
check out
clean up = καθαρίζω,τακτοποιώ
come across = συναντώ τυχαία
run into = come across

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


How long have you be studying English? (Present Perfect Continuous)
I have been studying English for a year.

When did you start having English lessons? (Past Simple)
I started English lessons when I came to Heraklion.

What are you doing this weekend? (Present Continuous)
I am planning blogging for my English lessons all day long no matter what.

Which job will you have been doing by 2030? (Future Perfect Continuous)
I will have been working like a trader in a clothes company.

Have you ever travelled abroad? (Present Perfect Simple)
Yes, I have travelled in Brazil.

What had you been doing before you came to the English school? (Past Perfect Continuous)
Before I came to the English school, I have--> HAD been working as a DJ in a beach bar.

What will you be doing this summer? (Future Continuous)
In the summer I will be doing---> HAVING my holidays (or: I will be relaxing) in Chalcidiki.

How can we learn a foreign language?

   These days it is very useful for someone to learn foreign languages. However, sometimes it's very difficult too and that could be a serious problem , but how can we extend our knowledge on a foreign language?
   First of all, blogging and communication are very important and useful because you can practice on writing formally, but you can also learn how to use the right way to express yourself in the right way, which are is very important for avoiding serious mistakes in the future. Reading books could also help you because you can learn many expressions that you don't know**, but don't forget** to study at home, too. Studying at home gives you the basic (skills) knowledge on which you can build your skills.
   Secondly, you could do lots of activities which contain the language that you're trying to learn.You could start for example , by listening to music and watching movies.Going on trips is also very important because it helps you to extend your vocabulary and to recognice better the daily use of the language.
   In my opinion, watching films, listening to music, writing on blogs and travelling are some very important activities that could help you improve your learning skills and your vocabulary. Hopefully, by adopting these methods, everyone will be able to learn and enjoy using a language other than their native one. 

* (I hope that I saw you a better way in which you can work better.) ---> We avoid using 'I' in formal essays.

** No short forms and more formal expressions:
don't know---> do not know
don't forget ---> we should all remember / it should be taken into consideration