Monday, May 26, 2014

The collectors!!!

  1. What do you collect?

Why are ornaments spesial?
Because they have got pictures/ colours!
2.  What do you collect?
why are photos spesial?
Because they have got patterns!!
3. What do you collect??
Why are they spesial??
Because they have got famous people!!
4.Have you got a collection?
Yes, i have.
What have you got?
Why are they spesial?
Because they have got different patterns!
5. What do you collect?
Why are they spesial?
Because the have got beautiful countries!!!


On holiday i travel by boat ,because i go to island.
When i go to the beach i go on foot.
I travel by underground to a different town.!
when i get there i travel by car.
when my destination is a different  country i travel by plane.
In my town i travel  by bycicle.

I always take a towel , a camera, and  a map on holidays!
I also take an umbrella because it can be rainig and i take some sweaters
because it can be cold.
From my home i travel by car or by taxi.
When i 'm on holiday i travel by taxi or by subway.
I never travel by tram because crowded.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Dear Maria.
How are you? I hope you are okay?
I write to tell  you about my typical day.
I start studying English. It's perfect.
I get up at 8.45 every morning. I drink coffee and eat breakfast.
Then i cook lunch at twelve o'clock and i eat with my children.
I the afternoon i go to the market for shopping.
I go for walk with my dog. I can never sit down. I visit my mother every day.
I clean up the house usually in the evening.
I am very tired.I go to bed at about 12.30pm.
I want to read your next letter.say hello to your mother.

With love Kyriaki

PS. I miss you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do you like sports?

1) Do you like swimming?
Yes, I do.
I love it.
Dimitra loves swimming.

2) Do you like basketball?
No,I don't.
I hate it.
My son doesn't hate it.