Thursday, March 26, 2015


New picture group for you, beauties! I know how much you laugh with the "wonderful" jokes we share in the classroom, so I have decided to put them all in the same place. I hope you find the pictures to be funny- at least, a little bit! :-)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

(Very) cold jokes! You can write yours, too!

What does a car do on its birthday?
It goes to a car-nival!

What present do you give to a huge gorilla?
I don't know, but make sure he likes it!

How do we call James Bond when he is having a bath?
Bubble oh seven!

What is the longest word of the English language?
'Smile' because it has got a mile in it! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Conversation 1

    Nick     I can't wait to change something anymore.Every day my relationship is making me                                  miserable.
     Paul     Hmm...I could tell you to try but I think you are losing your time with her.
    Nick     Exactly.
     Paul     Let me go out on a limb , I believe you must take a divorce.
    Nick     Maybe it' ll be better.

Conversation 2
     Jack         Have you made up your mind ?
     Danniel   Yeah. I'm going to leave from the job.I work hard and I don't make much money.
     Jack         Yes,but if you fall flat on your face?I mean if you won't find another job?
     Danniel    I can't stand it anymore . I will take a leap of faith and I just do it .
     Jack         I think you must think again.
     Danniel    I bored of playing it safe , I will go ahead and try.
     Jack         I believe you throw caution to the wind.
     Danniel    Absolutely.