Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Wednesday 12th November 2014


On Halloween, kids are putting on costumes.
They dress up as witches and ghosts.
Some kids wear masks and some kids wear make up.
On Halloween kids carve happy faces. Some kids carve spooky faces.
Kids go trick - or - treating.
They knock doors and they get candy and chocolates!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The nightmare before Christmas

The book describes the Halloween celebration .In this story every year the dead people on 31 October celebrate the Halloween in Halloween-Town. All witches, vampires and skeletons are doing scary things that day ,but Jack who is the scariest of all he doesn 't like scaring the people any more and he is unhappy. So one day he decides to leave from the Halloween-Town for a better future .After he leaves, he discovers the Christmas-Town . In this city the people are happy and they wait for the Santa Claus to bring them presents.Suddenly he feels happy and he decides to do the same thing in Halloween-Town. He returns in his Town and he asks from the people to help him.And they do it.They kidnap the Santa Claus and they take him in scary town and Jack undertakes his position .But the nightmare before Christmas is beginning. When Jack (took-> use present simple or past simple only!) takes the sleigh and he starts to share the presents in Christmas town they are all afraid and they start to scream,because the presents which are made by witches and vampires are frightening .When Jack understands his mistake he goes back and he sets free the old man..And then the Santa Claus goes back to his place.The nightmare before Christmas ends happily for everybody. The two stars become friends and often they visit each other and they talk about their adventures, In this book the writer combines the Halloween celebration with the Christmas celebration very successfully ...