Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Save money or enjoy life?

Finding the Balance

Many of us spend the most of our money having a good time or buying many things that we don't really need.However, (comma) if accidently something happens and we immediately need money, we would will (1st conditional) be in a very difficult position. Although saving money could be something very useful, (comma) we shouldn't overdo (one word) it because then if we spend the most of our day trying to save money, we would will not be able to enjoy life .

Saving money is something really important because you can avoid problems that otherwise you couldn't. For example, if you have a health problem and you need money, you can give up your savings, so then you wouldn't need to get into debt. Also, you could save up money to offer them it to your children or grandchildren, (commas) like many people do, to make their lives easier.

On the other hand, you should also enjoy life, (commas) as well, in order to be healthier and happier. You could spend your money to make the quality of your life better, (comma) like learn a language or an instrument. It's also true that many people need wish the money to go travelling to other countries.It's really important for people to have fun and spend their time constructively.

To sum up, I don't really think that we should only focus on saving money or on enjoying life. Both of them must be in balance because that way we can avoid many problems and also enjoy life and then we'll be happier.

Content and Development
Organization and Connection of Ideas
Linguistic Range and Control
Communicative Effect

Your average mark is 3/5, Chris (C). And I was lenient! Be more careful next time and avoid short forms in essays.

Monday, December 2, 2013

ECCE Speaking and some more thoughts

Could you tell me who is the person in that picture?
Of course.She is my little sister.

 Your sister looks very angry.What problem does she have?

Well, she wants to go travelling but she doesn't have the money, so she asked me to lend her.The problem is that I don't know if I should lend her the money she needs.

What are the options you have?
On the one hand I could lend her the money she needs but I don't know if she's going to pay me back someday. On the other hand, if I won't lend her the money, she's going to sell our grandmother's necklace which has big sentimental value for the family and that would be a shame.

I think that the best thing to do is to lend her the money.You are a family afterall and in a family all should help each other.You could also make her promise you that she'll return the money as soon as possible and I think that she'll keep her word .You also mentioned that the necklake has a sentimental value for the family so it would be a pity if she sells it and that's something that no one wants.

Thoughts about the Internet

Chat can help much people who want to learn a language and also meet and make friends around the world.There are million of people around the world who want to learn new languages and explore the world.Many of them offer some time to offer help to everyone who want to learn their native language.

Nowadays, it's very usual for people to go travelling and arrange where they're going to stay on the Internet. Also many people could offer you a place to live when you are going to travel in their country and in exchange you could , if you are asked to, return the hospitality they show you.

If you have an idea or something that you want to share, you can just post it on the internet so your friends can see it. The Internet can also be very useful if you want to study.Many students work on the Internet and their video courses. So it doesn't matter if you lose a lesson because the other morning when you wake up you are going to watch what you've missed, enjoing your coffee.

Information s and news are posted every day and they can be posted by anyone.You can have any service you want,like buying clothes or checking before your flight.You can also watch movies and play your favourite games any time of the day because the Internet is never closed/ never stops working!

So the Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate. On the Internet you can work,shop or have fun anytime.You can also learn and post about anything and the only equipment you need to have is a computer.

Although the Internet has so many advantages, it has also many disadvantages. The Internet has traps for everyone who is not careful or doesn't know how to use it safely. There are lot of times that people have disappeared when they are going to a meeting with someone they don't know or cases which nazi groups organised their attacks by using the social media.

The police has made many statements about the dangers of the Internet. Guns and drugs deals have been arranged on the Internet as well and many people have killed themselves because they were told to do so by someone unknown. Of course, the Internet has its own police which investigates crimes and deals online, but this is not enough.There are no laws on the Internet, so everyone can do whatever they want.

So the Internet can be a great tool for someone who knows how to use it and a great nightmare for these who don't.As it is, all the users of the Internet should be informed and alarmed for the dangers of it.I hope I've helped you to understand what the Internet is and how to utilize it well.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Roomates' troubles

Dear Troubled Roomate,

I completely understand how you feel about your roommates who are very sloppy and noisy. It's not easy for you to find the time you need to study or to relax and you also have to do all the household chores. I had the same problem with you before, (comma) so I'd like to help you with it.

First of all, (comma) you have to discuss with your roommates about that. Maybe they don't understand how you feel and how much work you have to do every day, (comma) so give them a taste of what you have to do. Secondly, if I were you, I would suggest them to dividing/ sharing the week's chores so that everyone could have the time to do whatever they want (he or she wants) and then everyone would be happy.

Also, (comma) there are some special places in which you are able to go and play music as much long and as loud as you want. These studios are designed for bands or for groups,with all the necessary equipment. Therefore, your friends could play any time of the day and you will be able to have the time you need to study for your exams.

I'm sure that if you find the right time and talk to them about your problems calmly and reasonably, they'll be convinced that that's the best solution for everyone (full stop). That could be a (good) step forward for your relationship, because as you said they are a great company, after all. I hope I've helped you and I wish that you won't have to leave home and search for other roommates.

Best Wishes,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ECCE Speaking test: Stage 2

Could you tell me what the options are?

Of course. You could live in a house, some miles away from the university, or you could live in the dormitory in the university's facilities.

What about the advantages of each option?

Well, if you chose to live in a house you would have more privacy and you could also save some money because living in a house costs only 150 dollars. Additionally, you would have someone to cook for you as well and to do all the chores of the house. If you chose the dormitory, you would live with a roomate and you would also be more confortable because the dormitory contains shops,cafes and restaurants.You will also get to know other students and be closer to the lecture hall.

Can you tell me the disadvantages of each option?

Well, if you are going to live in a house you should take the bus to go to your class and you are also away from your friends.If you chose to live in the dormitory, then you should pay 800 dollars per month.Additionally, you won't have homemade food and you should also do all the chores.

I'd probably choose to live in the dormitory because I could have a roomate and all the university's facilities are very close. I could also be with my friends every time I want and finally I could learn how to cook.

Why don't you choose the other option? Explain briefly.
Sum up in a concluding sentence.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Links

The Visual History of Halloween

A short text with compehension questions

Video: In 1 minute 20 seconds you can turn the word bat into just that!

Photos of this celebration on The New York Times.

Test your knowledge with a quiz!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Email giving advice*

Dear Joanna,

         The reason I'm writing to you it's because is that I was thinking that you could be much healthier and in a better form just by following some simple rules.
        First of all, (comma) you shouldn't eat too much fast food, because then you are losing/ not getting a lot of vitamins which are very important for your good health.I know that this is very difficult for everyone, but that is something that you had better do.
      Also, (comma) smoking it's is something that causes many serious problems, so in order to avoid them, (comma) you should quit as soon as possible and notice that nobody likes it when you appear on and you smell bad---> when you show up smelling bad.
      Moreover, (comma) why don't you go to the gym? I think that this is a great idea and if I were you, (comma) I would bring (along) a friend with me, too. You could also buy a bicycle so that you could go every day to the university with it and cycle every morning near the beach/ coast.
      I hope that I have helped you with this advice s and I'm looking forward to your next email. We might go for walk to Psiloritis mountain someday, so you had better start exercising immediately.

Best Wishes

*Advice (and food)= uncountable noun ---> advices

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some articles for learners

You can visit this web site if you want to read some English educational articles about many different subjects:

Basic Phrasal Verbs

blow up = ανατινάζω
break down = χαλάω
break in/into = διαρρηγνύω
break out = ξεσπώ,δραπετεύω
break up = χωρίζω
bring about = προκαλώ,προξενώ
bring sb/sth along = φέρνω μαζί μου κάποιν ή κάτι
bring back = επιστρέφω κάτι σε κάποιον
bring on = προκαλώ

bring sb round = συνεφέρω
bring up (sth) = αναφέρω
bring up (sb) = αναθρέφω κάποιον
call off = ακυρώνω,ματαιώνω
check in
check out
clean up = καθαρίζω,τακτοποιώ
come across = συναντώ τυχαία
run into = come across

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


How long have you be studying English? (Present Perfect Continuous)
I have been studying English for a year.

When did you start having English lessons? (Past Simple)
I started English lessons when I came to Heraklion.

What are you doing this weekend? (Present Continuous)
I am planning blogging for my English lessons all day long no matter what.

Which job will you have been doing by 2030? (Future Perfect Continuous)
I will have been working like a trader in a clothes company.

Have you ever travelled abroad? (Present Perfect Simple)
Yes, I have travelled in Brazil.

What had you been doing before you came to the English school? (Past Perfect Continuous)
Before I came to the English school, I have--> HAD been working as a DJ in a beach bar.

What will you be doing this summer? (Future Continuous)
In the summer I will be doing---> HAVING my holidays (or: I will be relaxing) in Chalcidiki.

How can we learn a foreign language?

   These days it is very useful for someone to learn foreign languages. However, sometimes it's very difficult too and that could be a serious problem , but how can we extend our knowledge on a foreign language?
   First of all, blogging and communication are very important and useful because you can practice on writing formally, but you can also learn how to use the right way to express yourself in the right way, which are is very important for avoiding serious mistakes in the future. Reading books could also help you because you can learn many expressions that you don't know**, but don't forget** to study at home, too. Studying at home gives you the basic (skills) knowledge on which you can build your skills.
   Secondly, you could do lots of activities which contain the language that you're trying to learn.You could start for example , by listening to music and watching movies.Going on trips is also very important because it helps you to extend your vocabulary and to recognice better the daily use of the language.
   In my opinion, watching films, listening to music, writing on blogs and travelling are some very important activities that could help you improve your learning skills and your vocabulary. Hopefully, by adopting these methods, everyone will be able to learn and enjoy using a language other than their native one. 

* (I hope that I saw you a better way in which you can work better.) ---> We avoid using 'I' in formal essays.

** No short forms and more formal expressions:
don't know---> do not know
don't forget ---> we should all remember / it should be taken into consideration 

Friday, July 5, 2013

American history: 4th July

This video considers the wording of the Declaration of Independence and its indictment of King George III.
Source:History Channel on
Length:4 minutes
Extension Activity

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

With an eye to the future

In 2050 I think things will be very different. First of all people will trasport by flying cars and bikes which will also be friendlier to the ecosystem. Although a big part of our communication will remain the same, some things will change, like 3D projections.


The way we work will change completely. First of all, robots will do all the difficult tasks and they will be able to take audible orders like "go for shopping" or "make up the bed". So a big part of our lives will change because of the robots and technology. We will be able to entertain more ourselves more and do things that we like.


I think that we will also could be able to go on holidays on the moon, which will be then a new center of entertaiment. There will be big bars and hotels only, with pools and drinks, with casinos and dance clubs. WOW!

As for the politics, well, there will be only five presidents for each continent , our economy will be stronger and at the end the Earth's teperature will be normal again. See you then!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book summary

(1)Captain Crossbones and his pirates sail the South Seas in his ship, The Adventurer. They capture other ships and take the treasures from them. The crew don't like Captain Crossbones. Brownbeard, the First Officer, wants to be the captain. The other pirates on the ship are Dirty Duncan, Ferocious Fred and Mixer Max. Dirty Duncan is the Second Officer and he's called Dirty because he doesn't wash himself. Ferocious Fred cleans the cabins and he's very timid. Captain Crossbones usually jokes with his name. Mixer Max is the cook. He's not a good cook because he takes all the all food and he mixes it together.
(2)The pirates haven't got work to do for a long time so they play cards when they're bored. Captain Crossbones has also a parrot which is named Parrot. Parrot is intelligent and he can speak. Sometimes the pirates want to steal the key of Captain's treasure boxes or to attack him when he's sleeping, but Parrot shouts immediately.

(3)One day they look at the horizon and they see a Spanish ship. They want to steal the treasures from it. The ship is called The Intrepid. The sailors on The Intrepid see the pirates' daggers and pistols. But it is too late for them.

 (4)The pirates fight the Spanish sailors. Now they tie the sailors' hands and they they have take all the treasure and the food from the ship. But Captain Crossbones wants some new clothes. So he has opens the cupboard. He is very surprised. There is a boy inside. His name is Luis. He says that he is the cabin boy, but he wants to be a pirate. Captain Crossbones takes him to his crew as a cabin boy too. So Ferocious Fred is the Third Officer and he is very happy.

(5)The pirates celebrate. Luis wants to be Parrot's friend so he gives him some food. Captain Duque says to his son Luis that in Coconut Island he hid a treasure and he gives him a map.The other day the pirates had put Duque and his crew in a boat only with some water and they say that they are lucky because they don't want to kill them. Now Luis wants to punish Captain Crossbones and his pirates. But he has a problem. He is too young and also he has no ship to travel to the island.

(6)Many years pass. Now Luis is big and strong. He works hard and the pirates like him. Parrot is Luis' friend, but Luis is still thinking about his father and the treasure. One day they see Coconut Island on the horizon and a ship next to it. Captain Crossbones wants more treasure and rum so they have to wait until night to surprise them.

(7) At the night pirates attack ed to The Sea Dragon, they take the Spanish sailors and tie them. Captain Crossbones order Luis to stay on the Adventurer with the sailors until they find their treasure. Then Luis brings some water to the sailors and tells them his story. The sailors say that his father is alive so he asks them to take him there. But first, he says, they must take his father's treasure.Then Luis unties the sailors and they make a plan.

(8) When the pirates come back they celebrate. They are very drunk and Captain Crossbones falls asleep. Parrot is sleeping to. So now Luis calls the sailors to tie the sleeping pirates. Luis takes Captain Crossbones's key from his pocket and they go to the cabin and take back all their treasure and return to the ship. The sailors do not want to kill the pirates, but they want the reward about Captain Crossbones and his crew. But first of all they must find the treasure on Coconut Island.

(9)In the morning of the other day Parrot wakes up Captain Crossbones. He cannot move and then he understands everything. He is furious. Parrot helps the pirates to untie and now they want to kill the sailors and punish Luis.

(10) Captain Crossbones waits until Luis and the sailors leave the ship and go to the Coconut Island. He is going to sink The Sea Dragon. But then Brownbeard gets into a boat with Ferocious Fred  Dirty Duncan and Mixer Max. He wants the ship for himself. He wants to be a captain. Then the pirates sail away on The Sea Dragon. Now the pirates like their new captain and they do not want to see Crossbones again.

(11) Captain Crossbones sees them, but he thinks that they went there to take some food. So he is taking a boat and goes to the island. There he sees Luis and the sailors with an old treasure box. They open it and they find gold and jewels. When the sailors go back, the ship is gone and they are surpised and hungry. They do not know what to do.

(12)Captain Crossbones goes back to the Adventurer. He thinks that if they wait for a few days, then they will be able to take the treasure from the weak and hungry pirates. Now the ship is empty and he understands that his pirates betrayed him. He has a big problem. He cannot sail the ship alone. Now Captain Crossbones has only one option. He must ask for help from the sailors giving them food and water. They all sail to the New Providence to Luis' father. The sailors decide not to give Crossbones to the British Army because he saved their lives. Then Luis and Captain Crossbones had stay in New Providence and the sailors return to their country.

(13)Luis' father is poor and sad and he lives in a small house.He dreams about his son and his life at sea. Then they  meet each other and they are very happy. They buy a new ship named The Silver Sea and they sail with their crew back to Spain. Captain Crossbones and Parrot stay to New Providence and they sit in taverns and drink lots of rum. He tells stories about his life at the sea and the people like him. For the first time Captain Crossbones has got real friends and he is not a pirate any more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Some ESL Help

Hello.There is a website with articles with help about practise in English. This website applies to ESL Learners and it has many different categories.