Friday, August 8, 2014

dialogue in the gym

How can I help you?
I would like some information about the gym.

Is this the first time you visit our store ?
Yes,it is.

Would you like to see the gym first?
Yes , of course.

Just a moment to call the trainer please.Please follow him..

Did you like the gym .?
Yes ,I did.

 Secretary :So for your registration you must pay  20€ you pay only one time and its for ever.Now we have a subscription for twelve months witch costs only 149€ and then we have  a subscription for 6 months which costs only 99€ .

And what is  included in the price?
secretary:  The price includes cardiovascular  machines , the hall circular , the weights and the  fitness machines , all group programmes and free nutritional information..So how do you like the offer?

it 's very nice.I will register..Can I pay by credit card?
of course you can .

family tree

I have only one grandmother.Her name is Eyaggelia and she has got two children.Their names are Michael and Mary.Mary is my mam and she id married to Michael and they have got four children with me .Their names are John Manolis and Voula. My sister Voula is the oldest of my siblings , and she is married to John ,and they have got three children.Their names are George and Manos and the other child is a girl  and her name is Eirini.So I haven 't got aunts,I have only an uncle.His name is Michael and he is not married.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Career consultants

Consultant : Can you speak a foreign language?
Depi: Yes, I can.

cons.: Can you type  60 words per minute?
Depi: Yes, I can  type quickly.

 con: Can you repair a photocopier?
Dep: No, I can 't .Its difficult for me.

con:Can you manage your time?
Dep.: Yes, I can because I always  have a programme  in my job and in my life.It 's important to me to be everywhere on time.

con.:Can you write a business plan?
Depi: Yes I can.I write a plan for my company every week.

Consultant: So congratulations .You must change job.The career which is good for you is to work as an assistant in a company.

Dialogue in a restaurant

Waitress:Hello,how can I help you?
eva: I would like to order two sandwiches,chicken with lettuce and cheese.
Waitress.: Οκ miss.
eva: Oh sorry,I forgot...Do you have extra tomato?
Waitress   : Yes,we do.
eva: I would like an extra tomato in the sandwiches please.
Waitress:Yes miss.Do you want to drink something?
eva: Yes I do.Can I have an orange juice please?
Waitress:Yes, of course you can.Small or large?
eva: Large please.
Waitress:Would you like a dessert?
eva:  Oh perfect idea..I will have a chocolate cake with hot chocolate on the top.
Waitress:Ι m afraid it,is sold out.We have apple pie if you want.
eva:  Ok I will take it.How much do they cost?
Waitress : They cost only 10€.
eva:Here you are.
Waitress : Thank you miss.Here is your change.
eva: Oh please you can keep your change .
Waitress : Thank you miss.Heave a nice meal.
eva: Thank you too.Have a nice day...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Family tree


  Hi,  my name's Giorgo and now I 'll tell you about my family.
Well, I have a big family. We are from Herakleion, my father is
an electrical engineer like me, his name's Kostas.My mother
is the manager of a hospital,her name's Maria. These two
have five children.Their names are .....