Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Talking about jobs

V: In my opinion it is very important to work in  a safe and pleasant workplace.Do you agree, my sister?

S:Yes you have got a point, but if you want  my opinion, a high salary is the most important  thing because if people earn a lot of money from their jobs, they possess a better lifestyle.

V:That is true .I believe people who work  with good colleagues feel better.They work more easily and they have got good  ideas about the business plans.

S:Yes you have a point,but a good boss is more important than good colleagues.

Review of a film

    One of my favorite TV series is "Breaking Bad".This film was directed by Cilligan and it is very interesting.The story is set in North Europe.
     In this film the protagonist whose name is Mr White has got a good family. He is a good and peaceful man  and he is a professor of Chemistry.Suddenly ,the doctor announces to him  that he has got cancer  and, after that ,he decides to make drugs using his knowledge   of  chemistry ,and after that  he makes  drugs ,so he takes the risk to sell them to earn money.The thought is terrifying ,but finally he does that...And all things change.
    Although the beginning is quite slow,the film becomes more and more exciting. The film has got action and the actors are believable .There are special effects, too.
    Although the end of the series is unfortunately  unhappy   and sad ,I recommend  it to you  because it isn t  boring and also it is thought provoking. In my opinion, it is my favorite series of all the series I have seen...