Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book summary

(1)Captain Crossbones and his pirates sail the South Seas in his ship, The Adventurer. They capture other ships and take the treasures from them. The crew don't like Captain Crossbones. Brownbeard, the First Officer, wants to be the captain. The other pirates on the ship are Dirty Duncan, Ferocious Fred and Mixer Max. Dirty Duncan is the Second Officer and he's called Dirty because he doesn't wash himself. Ferocious Fred cleans the cabins and he's very timid. Captain Crossbones usually jokes with his name. Mixer Max is the cook. He's not a good cook because he takes all the all food and he mixes it together.
(2)The pirates haven't got work to do for a long time so they play cards when they're bored. Captain Crossbones has also a parrot which is named Parrot. Parrot is intelligent and he can speak. Sometimes the pirates want to steal the key of Captain's treasure boxes or to attack him when he's sleeping, but Parrot shouts immediately.

(3)One day they look at the horizon and they see a Spanish ship. They want to steal the treasures from it. The ship is called The Intrepid. The sailors on The Intrepid see the pirates' daggers and pistols. But it is too late for them.

 (4)The pirates fight the Spanish sailors. Now they tie the sailors' hands and they they have take all the treasure and the food from the ship. But Captain Crossbones wants some new clothes. So he has opens the cupboard. He is very surprised. There is a boy inside. His name is Luis. He says that he is the cabin boy, but he wants to be a pirate. Captain Crossbones takes him to his crew as a cabin boy too. So Ferocious Fred is the Third Officer and he is very happy.

(5)The pirates celebrate. Luis wants to be Parrot's friend so he gives him some food. Captain Duque says to his son Luis that in Coconut Island he hid a treasure and he gives him a map.The other day the pirates had put Duque and his crew in a boat only with some water and they say that they are lucky because they don't want to kill them. Now Luis wants to punish Captain Crossbones and his pirates. But he has a problem. He is too young and also he has no ship to travel to the island.

(6)Many years pass. Now Luis is big and strong. He works hard and the pirates like him. Parrot is Luis' friend, but Luis is still thinking about his father and the treasure. One day they see Coconut Island on the horizon and a ship next to it. Captain Crossbones wants more treasure and rum so they have to wait until night to surprise them.

(7) At the night pirates attack ed to The Sea Dragon, they take the Spanish sailors and tie them. Captain Crossbones order Luis to stay on the Adventurer with the sailors until they find their treasure. Then Luis brings some water to the sailors and tells them his story. The sailors say that his father is alive so he asks them to take him there. But first, he says, they must take his father's treasure.Then Luis unties the sailors and they make a plan.

(8) When the pirates come back they celebrate. They are very drunk and Captain Crossbones falls asleep. Parrot is sleeping to. So now Luis calls the sailors to tie the sleeping pirates. Luis takes Captain Crossbones's key from his pocket and they go to the cabin and take back all their treasure and return to the ship. The sailors do not want to kill the pirates, but they want the reward about Captain Crossbones and his crew. But first of all they must find the treasure on Coconut Island.

(9)In the morning of the other day Parrot wakes up Captain Crossbones. He cannot move and then he understands everything. He is furious. Parrot helps the pirates to untie and now they want to kill the sailors and punish Luis.

(10) Captain Crossbones waits until Luis and the sailors leave the ship and go to the Coconut Island. He is going to sink The Sea Dragon. But then Brownbeard gets into a boat with Ferocious Fred  Dirty Duncan and Mixer Max. He wants the ship for himself. He wants to be a captain. Then the pirates sail away on The Sea Dragon. Now the pirates like their new captain and they do not want to see Crossbones again.

(11) Captain Crossbones sees them, but he thinks that they went there to take some food. So he is taking a boat and goes to the island. There he sees Luis and the sailors with an old treasure box. They open it and they find gold and jewels. When the sailors go back, the ship is gone and they are surpised and hungry. They do not know what to do.

(12)Captain Crossbones goes back to the Adventurer. He thinks that if they wait for a few days, then they will be able to take the treasure from the weak and hungry pirates. Now the ship is empty and he understands that his pirates betrayed him. He has a big problem. He cannot sail the ship alone. Now Captain Crossbones has only one option. He must ask for help from the sailors giving them food and water. They all sail to the New Providence to Luis' father. The sailors decide not to give Crossbones to the British Army because he saved their lives. Then Luis and Captain Crossbones had stay in New Providence and the sailors return to their country.

(13)Luis' father is poor and sad and he lives in a small house.He dreams about his son and his life at sea. Then they  meet each other and they are very happy. They buy a new ship named The Silver Sea and they sail with their crew back to Spain. Captain Crossbones and Parrot stay to New Providence and they sit in taverns and drink lots of rum. He tells stories about his life at the sea and the people like him. For the first time Captain Crossbones has got real friends and he is not a pirate any more.


  1. Bravo Christos, that was an excellent start! Be careful not to mix present and past tenses in the next episode of the story, OK? I can't wait for the next post! :-)

  2. The second part of the summary (number 5 onwards) is OK, too. The only problem was, once again, the use of a lot of different tenses. Try to focus on present tenses when you write a summary. Apart from that, it was a great effort! See you soon, Christos!