Thursday, June 11, 2015

A review of a film by Catherine

       “The intouchables” is a drama film. The film is set in France the movie and speaks about friendship and social racism.
       The film was an enormous box-office hit in France. Philippe is a millionaire who was paralyzed from neck down, from an accident. Driss is a man who was a robber, from the Paris ghettos. Philippe hired Driss to take care of him. Philippe had finally found someone who was not only taking care of him, but also Driss made him happy. Philippe showed Driss how it is to live in an expensive house and how it is to have a comfortable life, while Driss showed Philippe how it is to live in the ghettos.
       The actors are very believable and have an excellent acting performance. The scenery is spectacular and interesting. The music is also quite good.
       Finally, in my opinion, the film is very interesting and suspenseful. I believe that the film isn’t boring and I would definitely recommend the film.

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