Saturday, October 31, 2015


Once upon a time in a small but pictureque village lived a man who fall in love with a beautiful and kind woman and they decided to get engaged. So everything were ready and the happy new of a pregnancy was keep the couple company,but suddenly the man felt a bad turn.

Then his wife thought that it was a good idea to visit a doctor and they did it.bWhen they visit the doctor they surprised by hearing the doctor say that he needed immediate surgery. But it was something that it was necessary to be,so they encouraged each other and the surgery have done.

And as all storybook the best end could be "live happily ever after",but unfortunately the faith
had different plans.

The young man stayed to the hospital for a long time.His wife gave birth to a beautiful girl.
And that beautiful girl baptized latest with 30 godfathers who organised to offer the money of
the baptism in the man's health restoration.

The wish of his daughter who named Agapi and the wish of all his relatives was all the people
to make a wish and ask to return the health to her father.

So I wish with all the power of my heart the dream of that family and little Agapis to come true
and to live happily ever after!!Have good strenght and positive energy.

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  1. Voula mou, what a touching story!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!