Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dialogue in a restaurant

Waitress:Hello,how can I help you?
eva: I would like to order two sandwiches,chicken with lettuce and cheese.
Waitress.: Οκ miss.
eva: Oh sorry,I forgot...Do you have extra tomato?
Waitress   : Yes,we do.
eva: I would like an extra tomato in the sandwiches please.
Waitress:Yes miss.Do you want to drink something?
eva: Yes I do.Can I have an orange juice please?
Waitress:Yes, of course you can.Small or large?
eva: Large please.
Waitress:Would you like a dessert?
eva:  Oh perfect idea..I will have a chocolate cake with hot chocolate on the top.
Waitress:Ι m afraid it,is sold out.We have apple pie if you want.
eva:  Ok I will take it.How much do they cost?
Waitress : They cost only 10€.
eva:Here you are.
Waitress : Thank you miss.Here is your change.
eva: Oh please you can keep your change .
Waitress : Thank you miss.Heave a nice meal.
eva: Thank you too.Have a nice day...


  1. Vangelio, I changed the title and I added the word 'waitress'. Take a look!

  2. I think it's better.thank you Christina....

  3. Now you can change all the 'σερβ' into 'waitress'!!! You are an amazing blogger!