Friday, August 8, 2014

dialogue in the gym

How can I help you?
I would like some information about the gym.

Is this the first time you visit our store ?
Yes,it is.

Would you like to see the gym first?
Yes , of course.

Just a moment to call the trainer please.Please follow him..

Did you like the gym .?
Yes ,I did.

 Secretary :So for your registration you must pay  20€ you pay only one time and its for ever.Now we have a subscription for twelve months witch costs only 149€ and then we have  a subscription for 6 months which costs only 99€ .

And what is  included in the price?
secretary:  The price includes cardiovascular  machines , the hall circular , the weights and the  fitness machines , all group programmes and free nutritional information..So how do you like the offer?

it 's very nice.I will register..Can I pay by credit card?
of course you can .

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  1. Well done Vangelio! You must speak very good English at the gym!!!