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Oliver Twist

OliverTwist was a boy who was born in a house for poor people which was named workhouse,his mother died when she gave birth to him.From the age of nine Oliver had to work to earn a living.One day some of the boys who lived in the workhouse decided that Oliver should ask more food from the master of the workhouse.Oliver did that and the master got angry so he punished Oliver, he shut him up in a dark room for a whole week and he put on the gate of workhouse a notice which offered five pounds to anyone who would take Oliver.

Mr Bumble gave Oliver to Mr Sowerberry who prepared the coffins for the dead people.
Noah Claypole who lived with Mr Sowerberry made Oliver's life very unpleasant. After a fight that Oliver had with Noah and Mrs Sowerberry, he ran away.

Oliver was walking for seven days to reach into the little town of Barnet,a few miles from London.
In that town he met a boy named Jack Dawkins,near his age,he offered his help to Oliver and he told him that his friend Fagin will help him to go to London.Fagin was an old man who had some children and taught them how to steal so Oliver was among the thieves but he couldn't realize it yet.One day two children and Oliver went for a walk. To Oliver's surprise one of the boys took a handkerchief from a man and ran quickly with the other boy then Oliver understood what happened and full of fear began to run too, but the old gentleman named Brownlow (who had stolen) thought that Oliver did it and start running after Oliver and then someone hit the boy and Oliver fell on the ground.

A constable began to pull Oliver along the street when suddenly the book shopper appeared and told to the constable that the boy didn't do anything and then the old gentleman took Oliver at his house and put him in bed.

While Fagin was wondering where Oliver was Mr Sikes Fagin's friend got into the house,the two boys told Fagin that Oliver had been caught and Fagin was frightened that Oliver may tell the constable all about them,so he asked help from Nancy who was Mr Sikes friend.Nancy agreed to go to look for Oliver, she was pretenting to be Oliver's sister.When Nancy returned she told them that a gentleman has got Oliver but she couldn't find where he lived.

Oliver has found a better home,his new friends were very kind and they took care of him.
Oliver noticed a picture of a lady on the wall that her eyes looked so sad but the other day the picture was gone.One day a visitor named Mr Grimwig went to Mr Brownlow house he didn't really like Oliver he thought that child might deceived Mr Brownlow so he sent Oliver to the bookshop he also gave Oliver money.Mr Grimwig believed that Oliver won't come back.Oliver went to the bookshop but Nancy was there  and took him to Fagin's house.Fagin hit him and he kept Oliver shut up in the house for nearly a week,he told Oliver terrible stories and Oliver filled with fear as he listened to Fagin's words.Fagin gave Oliver to Sikes because he was planning to burgle a house,but when they went to that house Oliver tried to wake up the people of the house and unfortunately they injured him to his left arm and he fell down.When he woke up he saw a house and he asked for help,that house belonged to Mr Giles.Oliver was safe again to Giles house,he talked to Mr Giles and Mrs Maylie and Rose who lived in that house too,and told them everything about his life.

Spring passed and summer came but that summer Rose was sick and Mrs Maylie sent Oliver to the inn.In the inn Oliver saw a man who was very scared and when he returned he was doing his lessons ,suddenly he saw Fagin and that man in the inn outside of his window,and he started shouting.Everybody was searching for the strangers without success.

That stranger man named Monks went to Mr Bumble in the workhouse because he want to know everything about the old woman who looked after Oliver's mother but that woman was dead,then Mr Bumble told him that another old woman could give him the answers,so they met that woman and she told to Monks that Oliver's mother gave to the old woman Sally a little gold ornament,in which there weretwo pieces of hair and a plain gold wedding ring which has the word Agnes inside it and she wanted Sally to give it to the child but Sally never gave it,then Monks took the bag and threw it to the river,after he told them to keep quiet about all that.

In the other side Fagin was talking with Sikes and he was planning his another attempt to get Oliver back by Nancy's help,but Sikes had been ill for several weeks and ask some money to Fagin,so he went to his house followed by Nancy to give her the money but that time Monks got into the Fagin's house,he want to speak private with Fagin but Nancy heard them,so the next day while Sikes was sleeping Nancy went to Mrs Maylie and told her that Monks intends to pay Fagin to get Oliver back and turn him into a thief again,she also said that Monks called Oliver his young brother.

Oliver had the idea to meet his old friend Mr Brownlow so Mrs Maylie visited him and told him all about Oliver and Nancy's visit,together they decided to learn more about Monks by Nancy's help.
They met Nancy and she started to describe Monks but Charley Bates followed her and heard it all so he ran to Fagin's house to tell him.Fagin told it to Sikes and he murdered her then Sikes left the house.

Mr Brownlow caught Monks and took him to his house,he knew everything about Monks because Mr Brownlow was the oldest friend of Monks' father.He told him that Oliver is his half brother and he knew it but he tried every evil plan to destroy Oliver also Mr Brownlow told Monks that he couldn't tell anything to the police if he gave Oliver's share of the money.Monks agreed.

Then Mr Brownlow called Mr Bunble and told him that he is not a trustworthy person because he had helped Monks so he lost the position to be master of the workhouse.Fagin caught and sat in prison.Monks went to America he wasted all his money and died in prison.

Mr Browlow took Oliver to live with him and they moved to a house about a mile away from Mrs Maylie and Rose's house.It was a great joy for young Oliver to have his good friends so near him.

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