Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Write about my experiences in present perfect

I have visited a lot of beautiful places, but I have never been abroad.

I have seen a famous singer, but I have never played a musical instrument.

I have never played football, but I have seen a football match.

I don't have a motorbike licence, but I have had a (car) driving licence.*

I have had a lot of experiences, but the most wonderful experience that I have had in my life was the birth of my children.That experience was unbelievable, full of emotions.Every labour was different and exciting.The most difficult labour that I have had was the birth of my younger son.Unfortunately, I had my first surgery then,but things went well and even if I had a surgery then and I was feeling the pain, I have felt blessed because I have experienced that.**

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  1. Hello blogger Voula! I don't know if you wanted to publish this post yet, but I did it for you anyway because I got very excited about your beautiful sentences. Have a look at the words I have underlined and the asterisks * and try to guess why your crazy teacher changed the Present Perfect in these sentences. I am waiting for your comment. Kisses to your sweet children!