Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Essay on mobile phones by Catherine

Marvellous mobiles

      The huge rise in living standards is due to the development of technology. This development led to the facilitation of communication among people, which became easier.

      Mobile phones are useful for keeping in touch with other people when you are away from home. Moreover, most people use the mobile phone in order to connect to the internet and find information from websites or online encyclopedias. Also, it is possible for sending text messages or calling for help in an emergency. Another possible use is taking photos or watching videos or listening to music. Furthermore, it can download films. It can be used for educational purposes, for example to write on a class blog. On the other hand, the development of technology has some negative points. It might be dangerous if people use mobile phones too much or when the people use them for hours. The mobile phone can become a bad habit.

      In the future, mobile phones will be smarter because of the technological developmentPeople will use mobile phones in cars, in homes and perhaps they will use them under the water as a waterproof camera. Also, it will be a very important part of our lives and it might be smarter with more functions.

      The future will be better with the development of technology and if people use the mobile phone wisely, thewill reap the benefits.

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  1. Amazing Catherine, what an essay! That was an impressive first attempt. Next time make sure you use even more words about technology so as not to repeat some phrases in the essay. But as I've said, great work. Keep it up! Kisses xxx