Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How can we learn a foreign language?

   These days it is very useful for someone to learn foreign languages. However, sometimes it's very difficult too and that could be a serious problem , but how can we extend our knowledge on a foreign language?
   First of all, blogging and communication are very important and useful because you can practice on writing formally, but you can also learn how to use the right way to express yourself in the right way, which are is very important for avoiding serious mistakes in the future. Reading books could also help you because you can learn many expressions that you don't know**, but don't forget** to study at home, too. Studying at home gives you the basic (skills) knowledge on which you can build your skills.
   Secondly, you could do lots of activities which contain the language that you're trying to learn.You could start for example , by listening to music and watching movies.Going on trips is also very important because it helps you to extend your vocabulary and to recognice better the daily use of the language.
   In my opinion, watching films, listening to music, writing on blogs and travelling are some very important activities that could help you improve your learning skills and your vocabulary. Hopefully, by adopting these methods, everyone will be able to learn and enjoy using a language other than their native one. 

* (I hope that I saw you a better way in which you can work better.) ---> We avoid using 'I' in formal essays.

** No short forms and more formal expressions:
don't know---> do not know
don't forget ---> we should all remember / it should be taken into consideration 

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  1. Amazing effort, Chris! Try to remember my comments, however. See you in a few hours!