Monday, October 21, 2013

Email giving advice*

Dear Joanna,

         The reason I'm writing to you it's because is that I was thinking that you could be much healthier and in a better form just by following some simple rules.
        First of all, (comma) you shouldn't eat too much fast food, because then you are losing/ not getting a lot of vitamins which are very important for your good health.I know that this is very difficult for everyone, but that is something that you had better do.
      Also, (comma) smoking it's is something that causes many serious problems, so in order to avoid them, (comma) you should quit as soon as possible and notice that nobody likes it when you appear on and you smell bad---> when you show up smelling bad.
      Moreover, (comma) why don't you go to the gym? I think that this is a great idea and if I were you, (comma) I would bring (along) a friend with me, too. You could also buy a bicycle so that you could go every day to the university with it and cycle every morning near the beach/ coast.
      I hope that I have helped you with this advice s and I'm looking forward to your next email. We might go for walk to Psiloritis mountain someday, so you had better start exercising immediately.

Best Wishes

*Advice (and food)= uncountable noun ---> advices

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  1. OK Chris! That was not too bad, but I am sure you can do a lot better! Read my corrections and tell me if you agree. :-)