Tuesday, October 1, 2013


How long have you be studying English? (Present Perfect Continuous)
I have been studying English for a year.

When did you start having English lessons? (Past Simple)
I started English lessons when I came to Heraklion.

What are you doing this weekend? (Present Continuous)
I am planning blogging for my English lessons all day long no matter what.

Which job will you have been doing by 2030? (Future Perfect Continuous)
I will have been working like a trader in a clothes company.

Have you ever travelled abroad? (Present Perfect Simple)
Yes, I have travelled in Brazil.

What had you been doing before you came to the English school? (Past Perfect Continuous)
Before I came to the English school, I have--> HAD been working as a DJ in a beach bar.

What will you be doing this summer? (Future Continuous)
In the summer I will be doing---> HAVING my holidays (or: I will be relaxing) in Chalcidiki.

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