Tuesday, February 17, 2015


1) How often do you go to restaurants?

2)What's your favourite restaurant?Why?
  1. I really like restaurants,I usually go to restaurants once a month .My favourite restaurant is "earino" which means "air and mountain" in Greek.Its location is in Asites, it is a village near my village Kroussonas.It has a wonderful view and the best quality in mixed grill food, also the cutlery and the wine glasses are very clean.It has the most delicious house red wine.And when I  visit it I'll never forget to order the mixed  salad which is a very special side dish.The waiteres are very polite and the restaurant's atmosphere is friendly enough.The prices are logical.There isn't any service charge in the bill.Iwould definitely recommend it!!!!!


  1. Bravo Voula! Excellent review! You were so right about this restaurant; I loved it, too! A few small corrections:

    I would DEFINITELY recommend it

    There ISN'T any service charge

    I usually go to restaurants once a month (I changed the order of words.)

    Can you correct the mistakes in your post on your own? Do you know how to that?

    Once again, well done to the girls' team!

    P.S. Vangelis and Mike, I know you are reading this, so try to write something here, too!!! :-)