Monday, February 23, 2015

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

There was a boy called Tom. He had an aunt , her name was Polly. Polly looked for Tom because she lost him. She found him but he tried to escape because he took some jam from the cupboard and he knew that it was bad. Polly gave to Tom a punishment. He had to paint the fence into the garden but he wanted to play with his friends. Finally Tom's friends came into the garden to help Tom and all together did the work very quickly.


Tom went to find his friends. Then he saw some people. He asked someone for this. There was a new family in the town. He looked at their house and saw a girl sitting at the window. Tom fell in love with the girl. He learned her name and after he walked along the street, then he found his friend called Huck. Huck had a dead cat in his hands.


On the same night , they went to the cemetery and buried the cat. They heard something and then hid in the tall grass. They saw a man to kill someone. They were scared and they didn't speak to anyone about this. A few days later , they went on a raft to an island. When they arrived there, they were very happy but five days later they were bored with their games.Tom returned to his house and hid. He understood that everybody in the town thought the boys were dead. He went back to his friend and he told him.


The boys went back to the town and hid into the church. Soon people started to come into the church. They were going to have a funeral for the boys. Suddenly , the people saw the boys. They weren't dead. A week later Potter's trial started. All people and the judge thought that Potter was guilty but Potter wasn't. Fortunately the boys knew the truth and they said into the trial the real history. Finally Potter was innocent , the boys rescued his life. (You did not explain here who Potter was.)


After that the boys decided to look for a treasure. On the first day , they didn't find anything. On the second day the two friends went to the haunted house. The boys found the thieves' hiding place. Then the thieves dig a hole and found an another treasure. It was gold. The thieves took the treasure and left away.


A few days later, Becky and Tom went to Dougla's Island. They went into the cave with candles. After that , they were lost in the cave. Then they found the thief who took the treasure. They found the hiding place. A search party looked for the children because they lost them. Finally Tom found a way out . Then the children went away from the search party and closed the entrance of the cave. The thief died after some days. After a week, Tom and Huck went to the cave again to find and take the treasure. Tom and Huck are rich now.



  1. Well done Mike!!! I think the boys' team found an excellent player! The summary is huge with lots of new words, which is great! Let's see if the other boys will read books and write on the blog...

  2. Thank you Mrs Perfect . Unfortunately , I think the boys' team won't read my huge summary .

  3. I think they WILL read it!!! (Positive thinking, remember? I never stop hoping, hahaha!)