Friday, February 6, 2015

Letter from Jane to Alice

Dear Alice ,


I am writing to tell you my news. I had some romantic adventures I want to share with you.

Some months ago I met someone at a party called Tom . Tom fell in love with me . Every day he came to my house . He bought me flowers and he gave me expensive presents . He even asked me to marry him but I said 'No' . That day Tom left my house very upset . He thought about me all the time but I wasn't interested in him .

One day , I met Tom again , but this time he was with another woman called Sue . Then I understood that I made the biggest mistake of my life . I lost Tom and then I fell in love with him .

Please write soon and tell me what I can do with Tom .

Best wishes ,


1 comment:

  1. Wooohooo it seems to me that you became an amazing blogger! The girls can't win so easily now! Hehe!

    Alaways remember to start with an introduction and then you will write your main ideas. Take a look and we can talk about it all next week.

    Well done once again!!!